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Finishing 3 years in publication The practice of medical oncology started back in the 1970s in Turkey. Medical Oncology is recognized as a subspecialty after internal medicine certification in 1983, as one of the first countries in the world, and much before European countries. The Turkish Society of Medical Oncology (TSMO) was officially founded on 15.3.1997. The application was started by just seven members, it was established it had 30 members. The society has grown over the shoulders of its presidents, executive boards and more importantly its members in the frontline. It is continuing its fight against cancer not only in Turkey, trying to expand its influence to the neighboring countries in collaboration with regional partners. After so many achievements, TSMO decided to launch a scientific journal that could potentially be a regional international platform where scientists from every dimension of oncology publish their studies. In early 2015, the proposal came from the president of TSMO at that time, Prof. Dr. Gökhan DEMIR. The executive board members, Prof. Dr. Basak Oyan ULUC and me Prof. Dr. Huseyin ABALI were appointed to work on the project after approval by the Executive Board of TSMO. The first thing was to search for a publisher. We wanted it to be a solid, internationally recognized publisher and contacted several of them. Finally, we shook hands with a leader in the field, ELSEVIER, after coming together with their regional representative in Adana, Turkey. We started to work on the format of the journal like name, design of the front cover, fonts, reference style… Among the proposed many names, the Journal of Oncological Sciences was agreed among executive board members. The acronym was catchy: JOS. The front cover was designed by one of the former patients of mine, who is a cancer survivor: Mehmet Acar. In return, TSMO presented a professional camera as a gift to him. JOS was inaugured in January 2016. Prof. Dr. Gökhan Demir was editor in chief, Prof Basak Oyan ULUC and me, Prof. Dr. Huseyin ABALI were associate editors. A year later Prof. Dr. Gokhan Demir handed over the chief editorship due to his being overwhelmed by clinic load. Since then, I have been trying to be the editor of JOS. We can proudly say that since the first issue published in January 2016, we have been able to publish 3 issues each year for 3 years without significant delay. We diversified our associate editors and editorial board by including international names. JOS is currently indexed by Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Index Copernicus, and Turkey Science Citation Index. We have made our application to the most important index in Turkey, ULAKBIMtr dizin, and are under evaluation. There was about a 1-year delay because we were required to obtain a new local ISSN. The ultimate goal is to be indexed in Index Medicus (Pubmed) and Science Citation Index). JOS is entering a new phase after this issue. Our contract is ending with ELSEVIER which contributed to the identity of the journal as a giant in publishing. The next issue will be published by a well-recognized, leading publisher in our country, Turkiye Klinikleri (Turkish Clinics) and The submission system is already active in its local website ( Turkiye Klinikleri has a very professional team to support JOS in its journey for a better and respectful place. In this new phase, I believe that JOS needs a better editor since my contribution to the journal has reached its limits. The next issue will be published with a new editor and I strongly believe that the new editor will take JOS to a new, advanced and vibrant point. Good Luck JOS Hüseyin Abalı Editor-in-Chief